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“The Pomax Team Day was an absolute success. Together with all colleagues, and with the help of the nice weather, we had an immense amount of fun. Ties were forged with colleagues whom we previously knew only by name and the photos afterwards were eagerly shared. We really look back on this experience with great pleasure. ”

Kim Soete - Pomax

  “We want to bring all the employees of one department together as they all work at customer premises and don’t really know each other. They are all high performers. If everyone gets to know 10 other people during the day, it’s a massive success for us.”

Sven - Deloitte

  “Most of our employees are usually working at their desk and aren’t facing the customers. The idea of the concept was to give them a good feeling of how a customer feels. Using games as an awareness tool turned out to be the perfect strategy. People were having a lot of fun, but also understood the educational aspect of it. The reaction after this day is hopefully leading to thoughts like: “maybe I can change something in my own process, simplify a document, or adapt my behaviour to make the customer’s life easier."

Anja Helbig - Daman

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