People make the difference

Every organisation wants its people to become true ambassadors. You want them to cooperate and go the extra mile for you. However, it is exceptionally difficult to unite people through common values. You are confronted with different generations and cultures with diverging expectations. The need to make your message resonate with them screams for a thorough approach based on years of experience. Organizing all sorts of events can help. However, it is not easy to come up with something that makes everyone happy and fits your strategy and DNA. Not to mention the actual organization or its cost …

A Herculean recipe for success 


Thoughtful, consistent communication is of crucial importance. Our online platform can be adapted to reflect your look and feel and enables people to look forward to the your events, activations and workshops with the right expectations. Cooperate with your trusted strategy or communication agency? Gladly!


Without experience, there is no resonance, no memories, no return. Thanks to our know-how we master the subtle art of adding engagement for different generations and cultures to an event or to inspire and guide them in change programs.


"Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance." A failing organisational team is the last thing you need at that moment. For your peace of mind it is best to work with a team with over 20 years of experience in organizing festivals for businesses across the globe. We all come from the business world and understand your needs.

Return on Investment

Before starting, stipulate your goals: do you want to inspire, engage, party, connect, inform, show off your brand, thank someone? We do not lack for creativity. We will gladly listen and help you come up with new concepts based on proven formats. Return on investment guaranteed. With each and every project we evaluate ourselves to ensure we are as good as we can be.

Employee Engagement Platform

In this age, your offline experiences need to be driven by a digital experience. Herculean has been digital since 1999. We don't believe in the quick and dirty solutions that glue together all sorts of apps and spreadsheets. We believe in a solid cloud architecture driving your complete engagement program.

We help you to raise the bar

Leave the known behind and help us raise the bar. Start from your goals, work out a plan, implement it, measure it, improve it. We help you create a successful transformation to a more engaged community by transcending the boundaries between generations and cultures. The unique Herculean DNA, a personalized employee engagement platform and 20 years of international know-how in different areas are guaranteed.


One company - several competence centers

We are organised in several competence centers. Our engagement specialists can use the know-how in every competence center to create a solution for your needs.

Hercules Projects

Hercules Projects adds action, emotion and fun to your event and creates authentic experiences. Whether you are organizing your next staff event, planning a game day or finding a memorable way to activate your brand: Hercules Projects brings all participants in an unsurpassed atmosphere of togetherness, no matter what their background may be. 

Hercules Academy

Hercules Academy is the first rate partner of big and small organizations in INSPIRING and ADVISING employees and IMPLEMENTING a sustainable wellbeing policy. An extensive team of licenced wellbeing experts combines know-how from different fields to ENGAGE ALL employees, regardless of culture, endurance or background. This results in more energy and productivity in your organization.  

Hercules Trophy

How it all started. The coolest team challenge on the planet. Teams of 5 to 7 people compete each other in the 12 Herculean challenges. Thousands of people and hundreds of companies have participated over the past 20 years.

Pink Ladies Games

Our very own CSR program. For active women who care. The Pink Ladies Games stand for a friendly competition of half a day where everybody is a winner and feels good. No athletic skills needed! Inspired by United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5, it's our aim to unite women of all cultures and all ages, inspire them to lead a balanced lifestyle and raise funds for a local charity. +1,000 teams of enthusiastic women have participated in Belgium and the UAE. 

Herculean Platform

Group all activities that drive employee engagement in one platform with your DNA and goals. Use a Cloud solution that is easy to setup, measure and roll-out your total engagement program. Transform your organisation to achieve breakthrough results with an engaged community or workforce. 

Ceci n'est pas un... 

Let's get it clear: We are an integrator in sportainment and wellbeing with 20 years of experience in 10 countries who listens to your audience, with a proven employee engagement platform that offers mixed components, ran by an authentic, Herculean state of mind who loves CSR. #weareherculean

This is what we are NOT:

Rental company

Of course, we have our own materials, but we can also count on many trusted partners.


We have worked with numerous venues in 10 countries but are not bound to specific ones.

Catering provider

We like to work with delicious partners, ranging from simple to gourmet.

Training company

We integrate your existing training programs with your existing partners on our platform.

Wellbeing provider

We integrate your well-being experts into your program, or you can pick from our certified partners.

Event agency

Yes we have the skills to organise your events, but we do so much more than an event agency.

Brand agency

We understand them very well and love to work with them. Our programs help them to be successful. 

IT company

Technology is one of the pillars of our business and enables us to provide amazing experiences.