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Work hard. Play hard.

More employee engagement through the power of gamification and sportainment formats

We help you build your tribe

Remove generation gaps and cultural barriers.

Today's workplace is quite different from that of past generations. It's dynamic, ever-changing and less hierarchical. Four generations are currently working together on the workfloor, each with different goals, modes of communication and expectations. Millennials already comprise the largest generation at about 40% today. 

  In a VUCA world, organisations can no longer guarantee job stability, change is accelerating and the diverse workforce seeks different awards. Is it any wonder that so many employees feel disengaged at work? Companies with engaged employees have twice the revenu and four times the profit compared to other companies.

Activate. Inspire. Engage.

According to the latest studies on Millennials, an inclusive and diverse work environment emerges as the main reason for choosing an employer.

Improving employee engagement is what we do. We can help you transform your teams from silo culture to footprint culture? 

Whether you want to organize your next team building event, sports day, kick-off, after-work or if you are looking for a memorable brand activation or complete engagement program: we bring all participants in an unparalleled atmosphere of togetherness, regardless of their background.

It is precisely those unforgettable adventures and cherished moments, supported by our online engagement platform that bring your audience to a new level and encourage employees to achieve more.

Want to take it one step further and not just organise one event, but make it part of a bigger goal and overall employee engagement program? Call us!

Authentic concepts for your tribe.

Teambuilding 2.0

Family Fun Day

Company Trophy

Groundbreaking and exceptionally different. Innovation in the teambuilding world by linking online vibes with real-life experiences.

Engaging the outer circle. Thank your employees and their families with a large diversity of active games and top catering.

A friendly competition for all athletic levels, building up the vibe weeks before the actual day via the online platform. 

Brand Activation

Fun After Work

Happiness Day

Experience marketing is the future. We co-create active brand experience your audience will never forget.

Your very own fun after work concept. We bring in the cavalry for a great pop-up concept with food, drinks, tunes, tents and activities.

A "strategy day" with your team? Why not combine your speeches with inspirational content and activities? It makes your message resonate!

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Do not do it yourself. 

Your culture is unique. That unique feeling shoud also translate into the way in which you interact with your fans, customers, employees or other stakeholders.

We take away your administrative hastle through our online engagement platform. We listen, ad together we create unforgettable experiences - based on proven formats - that appeal to everyone in your tribe regardless of background, gender, age and culture. 

With +20 years of international experience in gamification and sportainment, and with thousands of fans from large and small companies in over 10 countries we would love to help you too!

Unity in diversity

  What defines our approach?

Making people happier and feel more connected: that's really our cup of tea.

No more administrative overload with tons of excel sheets, thanks to our platform. 

+20 years of experience in employee engagement, sport, IT, entertainment and corporate well-being.

We make your message resonate with your target audience. And we always make it fun!

The Herculean Family

Hercules Projects is part of the Herculean holding, the organization with offices in Belgium, Dubai and New York that provides more energy for brands and people. We are experts in the field of corporate identity, teamwork and mobilizing a community. We combine knowledge of technology, sports, HR and well-being to create a revolution. Our other business units are Hercules Trophy, Hercules Academy and Pink Ladies Games. Each of these formats is based on the same Herculean DNA and platform.

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We energise people and brands

User-friendly platform to stimulate engagement in your organization

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Improve engagement in your organization by:


All events in one place with smooth registration and communication.


Challenges that ensure gamification and fun competition.


Inspirational articles about well-being and happiness or create your own stories.


 Measure evolution of KPIs via dashboards. GDPR compliant.


Order material in your company shop. Various payment methods, including coins. 


Launch surveys to continuously measure employee satisfaction.


Create and manage personal and/ or team profiles and log your own actions.


Direct access to the ecosystem of certified coaches.




Group all activities related to events, well-being, engagement or CSR in one platform with your DNA and objectives first.

A cloud solution that is easy to set up, configure and deploy.

Built on AZURE. Integrates with productivity tools such as Office365, Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

  Engages. From mass to fans.

  Transform your organization or brand and achieve groundbreaking results with an engaged community.

  The Herculean Platform engages, incentivises and aligns. Is your brand ready for the next step?

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Our references

“The Pomax Team Day was an absolute success. Together with all colleagues, and with the help of the nice weather, we had an immense amount of fun. Ties were forged with colleagues whom we previously knew only by name and the photos afterwards were eagerly shared. We really look back on this experience with great pleasure. ”

Kim Soete - Pomax

  “We want to bring all the employees of one department together as they all work at customer premises and don’t really know each other. They are all high performers. If everyone gets to know 10 other people during the day, it’s a massive success for us.”

Sven - Deloitte

  “Most of our employees are usually working at their desk and aren’t facing the customers. The idea of the concept was to give them a good feeling of how a customer feels. Using games as an awareness tool turned out to be the perfect strategy. People were having a lot of fun, but also understood the educational aspect of it. The reaction after this day is hopefully leading to thoughts like: “maybe I can change something in my own process, simplify a document, or adapt my behaviour to make the customer’s life easier."

Anja Helbig - Daman

Thank you to all our loyal Herculeans

People make the difference

Every organisation wants its people to become true ambassadors. You want them to cooperate and go the extra mile for you. However, it is exceptionally difficult to unite people through common values. You are confronted with different generations and cultures with diverging expectations. The need to make your message resonate with them screams for a thorough approach based on years of experience. Organizing all sorts of events can help. However, it is not easy to come up with something that makes everyone happy and fits your strategy and DNA. Not to mention the actual organization or its cost …

A Herculean recipe for success 


Thoughtful, consistent communication is of crucial importance. Our online platform can be adapted to reflect your look and feel and enables people to look forward to the your events, activations and workshops with the right expectations. Cooperate with your trusted strategy or communication agency? Gladly!


Without experience, there is no resonance, no memories, no return. Thanks to our know-how we master the subtle art of adding engagement for different generations and cultures to an event or to inspire and guide them in change programs.


"Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance." A failing organisational team is the last thing you need at that moment. For your peace of mind it is best to work with a team with over 20 years of experience in organizing festivals for businesses across the globe. We all come from the business world and understand your needs.

Return on Investment

Before starting, stipulate your goals: do you want to inspire, engage, party, connect, inform, show off your brand, thank someone? We do not lack for creativity. We will gladly listen and help you come up with new concepts based on proven formats. Return on investment guaranteed. With each and every project we evaluate ourselves to ensure we are as good as we can be.

Employee Engagement Platform

In this age, your offline experiences need to be driven by a digital experience. Herculean has been digital since 1999. We don't believe in the quick and dirty solutions that glue together all sorts of apps and spreadsheets. We believe in a solid cloud architecture driving your complete engagement program.

We help you to raise the bar

Leave the known behind and help us raise the bar. Start from your goals, work out a plan, implement it, measure it, improve it. We help you create a successful transformation to a more engaged community by transcending the boundaries between generations and cultures. The unique Herculean DNA, a personalized employee engagement platform and 20 years of international know-how in different areas are guaranteed.

One company - several competence centers

We are organised in several competence centers. Our engagement specialists can use the know-how in every competence center to create a solution for your needs.

Hercules projects

Hercules Projects adds action, emotion and fun to your event and creates authentic experiences. Whether you are organizing your next staff event, planning a game day or finding a memorable way to activate your brand: Hercules Projects brings all participants in an unsurpassed atmosphere of togetherness, no matter what their background may be. 

Hercules Academy

Hercules Academy is the first rate partner of big and small organizations in INSPIRING and ADVISING employees and IMPLEMENTING a sustainable wellbeing policy. An extensive team of licenced wellbeing experts combines know-how from different fields to ENGAGE ALL employees, regardless of culture, endurance or background. This results in more energy and productivity in your organization.  

Hercules Trophy

How it all started. The coolest team challenge on the planet. Teams of 5 to 7 people compete each other in the 12 Herculean challenges. Thousands of people and hundreds of companies have participated over the past 20 years.

Pink Ladies Games

Our very own CSR program. For active women who care. The Pink Ladies Games stand for a friendly competition of half a day where everybody is a winner and feels good. No athletic skills needed! Inspired by United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5, it's our aim to unite women of all cultures and all ages, inspire them to lead a balanced lifestyle and raise funds for a local charity. +1,000 teams of enthusiastic women have participated in Belgium and the UAE. 

Herculean Platform

Group all activities that drive employee engagement in one platform with your DNA and goals. Use a Cloud solution that is easy to setup, measure and roll-out your total engagement program. Transform your organisation to achieve breakthrough results with an engaged community or workforce. 

Ceci n'est pas un... 

Let's get it clear: We are an integrator in sportainment and wellbeing with 20 years of experience in 10 countries who listens to your audience, with a proven employee engagement platform that offers mixed components, ran by an authentic, Herculean state of mind who loves CSR. #weareherculean

This is what we are NOT:

Rental company

Of course, we have our own materials, but we can also count on many trusted partners.


We have worked with numerous venues in 10 countries but are not bound to specific ones.

Catering provider

We like to work with delicious partners, ranging from simple to gourmet.

Training company

We integrate your existing training programs with your existing partners on our platform.

Wellbeing provider

We integrate your well-being experts into your program, or you can pick from our certified partners.

Event agency

Yes we have the skills to organise your events, but we do so much more than an event agency.

Brand agency

We understand them very well and love to work with them. Our programs help them to be successful. 

IT company

Technology is one of the pillars of our business and enables us to provide amazing experiences.

Ground breaking and radically different.

Teambuilding: just another corporate fairytale? Definitely not. Leave the known behind and let’s raise the bar. Hercules Projects has turned the teambuilding industry upside down with authentic formats, supported by a state of the art platform to organise, communicate and engage weeks in advance. A huge competitive advantage, which makes your teambuilding event so much more sustainable! Hence the new dimension 2.0. We offer the ease of a ready-made format and tailor it to your specific needs. Administration for you is reduced to the minimum. We make it work, time and time again. No matter how diverse your organisation is. We provide an unforgettable experience for your employees, transcending the boundaries between generations and cultures (but not those of your budget).

What are you looking for?

1. We want to improve team work and break down silos within the organisation.

For whom?

We accomodate groups ranging from 40 to 10,000+ people and touch every one of them with a lasting positive experience. Fostering lasting inspiration and motivation in people: a true challenge for every organisation. Our tried and tested concepts guarantee success without worries. Apart from teambuilding concepts, we also offer other unforgettable experiences, corporate competitions, your own festival and brand activation through gamification and sportainment

Help, I have to organise a teambuilding event!

If you want to organize an amazing teambuilding event, it’s important to define your goals, communication plan and budget in advance. An expert opinion on this matter is essential. Thanks to years of international experience and know-how, we provide creative solutions you couldn’t have come up with on your own. The Herculean touch adds that little bit of magic by connecting with your crowd. The link with your corporate values is always present. Planning a last minute teambuilding project? Herculeans to the rescue!

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Family Fun Day

Make your Family Day more active and more engaging.

Engaging all generations.

Family Days are the perfect way to bring employees together, get to know their families and thank everybody. The challenge is to organize a company event that appeals to everyone. Young families, seniors and new employees: each have their own preference. How do you please everyone? Very often, organisers find their Family Days badly attended, which is a waste of money. The Herculean Family days are an adequate answer to the challenges presented. How? By providing active Family Days that appeal to both the old and the young. We organize your very own Family Festival, with a wide variety of activities that engage everyone. Whether your audience is looking for action, relaxation, coziness or inspiration. Entertainment, fun and good food are, of course, included. We create goodwill and provide emotional connections, completely in line with your corporate culture. On top of this, the Hercules platform does all the administrative work for you, so you can look forward to your event without problems.  

What we offer.

For all ages - Action - Well-being - Icebreakers - Entertainment 

Our mission is connecting people. We also want to inspire your employees and their family to adopt a healthier, more active, more balanced lifestyle.  

We offer them an unforgettable experience, filled with a wide variety of activities, workshops, performances and meetings with inspiring personalities.  

How about:  

- A sports theme park filled with activities you’ve always wanted to try ? 

- Your very own food truck festival with a performance of your favorite Belgian band? 

- A village with workshops involving yoga, healthy cooking, back massage, gardening, acting, painting moving and energy walks 

  - Choose from our list of +150 activities. Together we will create an unforgettable programme for your company’s needs.  


Our differentiators.

A concept for everyone: We will keep fine-tuning our programs until even the most stubborn non-believer succumbs.

Entertainment is our cup of tea. We provide artists, performances, coaches,… and lift your spirits from the very first moment.

We love children and that feeling is mutual. We offer lots of cool kids’ activities they can enjoy! #nevergrowingold

Exercising with colleagues and family members creates an unexpected bond. As Mandela said: "Sport has the power to unite people".

Keeping track of event administration, like special meal requests, cancellations,...: sounds like a nightmare? No need: The platform takes care of your admin.

We make everyone feel as if they are part of one big family. From years of experiences we have made friendship our top priority.

We are one: your corporate culture.

Where would your employees be without the support of their families? Their involvement has a direct impact on their happiness and productivity. The world has changed a lot in the last decades. The need for authenticity is huge. People are looking for real experiences, preferably with their dearest ones. Hercules Projects add emotion, action and fun to your Family Day and provide unforgettable experiences. The result: More commitment of your employees, a strengthened corporate identity and an increased awareness of well-being. Is your organisation too small for a separate Family Day? You may want to consider participating in Hercules Trophy. The event includes teambuilding, activities for kids and spectators, networking and a great party all at once!

Get a proposal adapted to your budget.

Company Trophy

A friendly competition for all athletic levels.

Unity in diversity.

Currently, 4 different generations are working together in businesses. Interesting, but challenging! It’s not easy to align such a diverse group and connect with everyone. With 20+ years of experience in leadership, business psychology, gamification and sports, we consider it our mission to help you activate, inspire and connect your employees. Our Company Tropy aka Sports Day provides an emotional connection and lasting experience for everybody, regardless of their background and physical fitness.

Mix, match & play.

The coolest staff event you can imagine. The concept: a “friendly” competition where teams face off against each other in the Herculean challenges. The challenges are a mix of activities where teamwork, humor and brains are just as important as endurance and strength. All ages and genders can participate. You can pick from our list of +150 activities. You select the location and formula: half a day, an entire day or 2 days, catering and entertainment. Your administrative work is heavily reduced thanks to the platform. Teams create their own identity online beforehand and challenge each other on your tailor-made company page. The effect lasts so much longer with the vibe building up weeks before the day and being being well prepared. In short: the ideal employer branding tool.

Key differentiators.

Everyone can participate, regardless of the athletic skills. The difficulty level is adapted to your needs.

Did someone say party? Celebrating together is an essential part of the Herculean DNA. 

International experience: +10,000 people have had a taste of the Herculean experience globally. 

Action, emotion and gamification: it’s the magical mix that never fails to fire up.

A little bit of competition never hurt anyone. Fairplay is of the essence. Everbody is a hero. 

Long-term effect, starting weeks before the event. In the people's minds for years. 

Come as a company. Leave as a team.

Your company culture is unique and should be cherished. The connection felt in a Herculean competition are priceless when it comes to strenghtening the team spirit. Is your organisation too small for a separate company Sports Day? You may want to consider participating in Hercules Trophy, the inter-company team challenge: teambuilding, family activities, networking, well-being and entertainment. An unforgettable experience.

Ask for a quote here.

Brand Activation

The active brand experience your audience will remember.

Sportainment is the future.

Are you looking for a way to give more exposure for your brand? Whether you're looking for general brand awareness or more exposure amongst a specific target audience, Hercules Projects offers a rock solid brand experience through gamification, sportainment and years of event knowledge. We add that one special touch of action, emotion and fun to a creative experience concept, and open the minds and hearts of your audience.

The power boost for your brand.

When do people remember you? It’s not as much what you say, or how you say it. It's how you made them feel. When you succeed in surprising people, making them laugh or overwhelming them: that's when you know you're successful. Together with your marketing team, we develop an action plan to mesmerise your audience. Through a stand-alone activation campaign, third party event or one of our events, like Pink Ladies Games or Hercules Trophy.

Keys to success.

Looking for new audiences? Talk to the existing loyal Herculean community. 

Why choose between online and offline? We offer he ideal mix of both and measure the results.

Gamification is key. It makes your brand stick and comes with a lot of positive vibes.

Step out of the comfort zone. We take it to the next level and make it part of a real concept.

A Herculean brand experience.

  We offer you an out of the box brand experience, based on a spirit of action, humor, competitiveness and authenticity. We're strong believers in linking unforgettable experiences with online engagement.  

Three possibilities:  

1. We create a concept for you as part of a separate ctivation campaign.  

2. We use a third party event to promote your brand with a brilliant action. 

3. You become partner of the Pink Ladies Games or Hercules Trophy and engage with one of our communities as title partner, challenge sponsor, logistics partner or media partner.  

Herculeanised brands.

Fun After Work

A personalized after work party tailored to your company

The concept

Fancy an after-work party with the company? For groups between 50 and 1000 people, we have everything to make it an unforgettable evening or afternoon.  

We bring all of the material to the location of your preference. We prepare everything and the fun can begin. A large number of options are possible. For example, a lecture with a key-note speaker, a drink, a small active competition among colleagues or a performance by your favorite band or singer.


Why an after work?

Let your employees network with each other and build a stronger team.

A smooth chat in a friendly atmosphere promotes motivation in the workplace.  

Show that all work can occasionally make way for some entertainment.  

Who doesn't want to become an employer of the year? #employerbranding

A customized total formula

Ranging from a formal reading after the working hours to a crazy mini competition. We have it all. We always have a stage available. This can serve for your speaker, but can also accommodate a band.  

Do you prefer more action and fun? We set up a mini competition with the best after work battles and challenges without any problem. You choose the number of tests from our portfolio.  

We can also seamlessly combine catering with one of the above formats. Fancy a walking dinner with refined snacks or do you prefer a drink with some fresh pictures from our own DJs?

Midsummer After-Work

Would you like to know how things go at our After-Works? Or are you curious about the concept?  

On Friday June 21 we organize our own Midsummer After-Work at De Nekker in Mechelen. We plan on doing it big and invite Willy Sommers and Cookies and Cream.  

More info and tickets for this Fun After Work can be found via this link

Corporate Happiness Day 

The immersive happiness experience.

The Happiness advantage.

Success is not the primary key to happiness. In fact, it’s the other way around: more happiness in the company leads to a more successful business. The biggest competitive advantages in a modern economy are a positive mindset and optimism, both in individuals and teams. The happiness days: A tailor-made event for your company with experts from different disciplines in a unique blend of keynote speakers, round table conversations, games, workshops, … We provide your organisation with an innovative format, engaging activities and inspiring sessions. This strengthens the well-being of your audience, which in turn raises the productivity and profitability of your business.  

Happiness leads to success.

The format.

You can choose between programs of half day, a whole day or multiple days. Compose your programme on the basis of these formats:

  • Keynote speakers: inspiration by renowned experts 


  • Roundtable talks to increase confidence and focus


  • Programmes improving spontaneity, creativity and optimism  

  • Games. Fun and engaging. Typical Herculean  

  • MasterClasses with practical, interactive modules  

  • Workshops. Tailor-made well-being workshops

Positive gains.

The numbers don't lie. Happiness in the company increases retention, sales, performance and reduces sick leave. Imagine a more engaged, enthusiastic and positive team. We can help you reach your full potential.

Why Hercules Projects?

Not just words, but also action. A perfect mix of theory and practice. 

An authentic connection through emotion, inspiration and action. 

Years of international experience in multi-cultural environments.  

Formats that can be tailor made for you. For large and small groups. 


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