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More employee engagement through the power of gamification and sportainment formats

We help you build your tribe

Remove generation gaps and cultural barriers.

Today's workplace is quite different from that of past generations. It's dynamic, ever-changing and less hierarchical. Four generations are currently working together on the workfloor, each with different goals, modes of communication and expectations. Millennials already comprise the largest generation at about 40% today. 

  In a VUCA world, organisations can no longer guarantee job stability, change is accelerating and the diverse workforce seeks different awards. Is it any wonder that so many employees feel disengaged at work? Companies with engaged employees have twice the revenu and four times the profit compared to other companies.

Activate. Inspire. Engage.

According to the latest studies on Millennials, an inclusive and diverse work environment emerges as the main reason for choosing an employer.

Improving employee engagement is what we do. We can help you transform your teams from silo culture to footprint culture? 

Whether you want to organize your next team building event, sports day, kick-off, after-work or if you are looking for a memorable brand activation or complete engagement program: we bring all participants in an unparalleled atmosphere of togetherness, regardless of their background.

It is precisely those unforgettable adventures and cherished moments, supported by our online engagement platform that bring your audience to a new level and encourage employees to achieve more.

Want to take it one step further and not just organise one event, but make it part of a bigger goal and overall employee engagement program? Call us!

Authentic concepts for your tribe.

Teambuilding 2.0

Family Fun Day

Company Trophy

Groundbreaking and exceptionally different. Innovation in the teambuilding world by linking online vibes with real-life experiences.

Engaging the outer circle. Thank your employees and their families with a large diversity of active games and top catering.

A friendly competition for all athletic levels, building up the vibe weeks before the actual day via the online platform. 

Brand Activation

Fun After Work

Happiness Day

Experience marketing is the future. We co-create active brand experience your audience will never forget.

Your very own fun after work concept. We bring in the cavalry for a great pop-up concept with food, drinks, tunes, tents and activities.

A "strategy day" with your team? Why not combine your speeches with inspirational content and activities? It makes your message resonate!

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Do not do it yourself. 

Your culture is unique. That unique feeling shoud also translate into the way in which you interact with your fans, customers, employees or other stakeholders.

We take away your administrative hassle through our online engagement platform. Together, we create unforgettable experiences - based on proven formats - that appeal to everyone in your tribe regardless of background, gender, age and culture. 

With +20 years of international experience in gamification and sportainment, and with thousands of fans from large and small companies in over 10 countries we would love to help you too!

Unity in diversity

  What defines our approach?

Making people happier and feel more connected: that's really our cup of tea.

No more administrative overload with tons of excel sheets, thanks to our platform. 

+20 years of experience in employee engagement, sport, IT, entertainment and corporate well-being.

We make your message resonate with your target audience. And we always make it fun!

The Herculean Family

Hercules Projects is part of the Herculean holding, the organization with offices in Belgium, Dubai and New York that provides more energy for brands and people. We are experts in the field of corporate identity, teamwork and mobilizing a community. We combine knowledge of technology, sports, HR and well-being to create a revolution. Our other business units are Hercules Trophy, Hercules Academy and Pink Ladies Games. Each of these formats is based on the same Herculean DNA and platform.

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